Questions on conveyancing

Thinking of selling your house?
Contact us before you contact a real estate agent. With one quick telephone call, we can help you to identify any issues that might cause problems for you later on in the sale process. These can be matters as diverse as unconsented work, defective cross lease titles, boundary issues or tenancy timeframes.

Are you looking to purchase a new property?
Please always have us check the agreement for you before you sign. Don’t rely on the agreement’s standard LIM and builder’s report conditions to protect you – we can draft a more comprehensive due diligence clause for you to avoid all sorts of problems that can sometimes arise.

Are you relying on a Kiwisaver withdrawal and/or a Homestart grant for your first home purchase?
Contact us as early as possible. Timeframes are critical and we can help you ensure that you have your funds in plenty of time for payment of the deposit and settlement.

Does your family trust own your home or any other property?
Apply for an IRD number for your family trust now. In the event of your family trust selling the property, settlement will not be able to be completed until the IRD number is available. This is because the “main home” exemption does not apply to family trusts.

Have you recently changed your name?
If the name on your title differs from the name on your passport or your driver’s licence, we will need some time to prepare the necessary paperwork to ensure that your conveyancing transaction proceeds smoothly.

Are you purchasing a new home off the plans?
Let us check the contract before you commit yourself. We will be looking to help you ensure that your deposit is protected in the event that the builder gets into financial difficulties. We may recommend that you purchase the land prior to the commencement of construction or that you caveat the title to protect your interest. Alternatively the purchase agreement may be able to be kept conditional until the issue of title and/or the completion of construction to safeguard your deposit.

If you have any questions about conveyancing or property matters, please contact us for good legal advice that will give you peace of mind.