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Crowdfunding provides an efficient new way to raise funds compared to traditional methods. Broadly it is the pooling of small contributions to raise funds for a project or business idea over the internet.

There are four different types:

  • Donation crowdfunding (for charities)
  • With benefits crowdfunding (purchase discounts or other benefits for investors)
  • Debt crowdfunding (including peer-to-peer lending)
  • Equity crowdfunding (company shares).

The attractions of crowdfunding are:

  • funds can be raised online
  • offers made through a licensed platform do not have to comply with the financial markets conduct requirements
  • cost, time and complexity savings
  • very suitable for start-up companies.

Companies using crowdfunding are limited to raise up to $2 million in a 12 month period through a licensed platform. There are no individual investor caps within this overall limit.

Crowdfunding platforms must satisfy anti-money laundering obligations.

Companies seeking to raise funds in this way need to provide potential investors with certain financial and other material information and most companies will need to carry out some restructuring with adoption of new corporate governance documents before an offer is made to the public.

As happened with the legal requirements around the marketing and sale of retirement village residences, a market standard is likely to emerge over time.