Bell Associates can advise overseas companies and individuals who are considering investing in property or businesses in New Zealand. Foreign ownership of New Zealand assets is governed by the Overseas Investment Act 1986. We can help with all aspects of your New Zealand investment, including purchasing property, applying to the Overseas Investment Office for approval of the purchase of 'sensitive land' and/or 'significant business assets', forming a company, and assisting you to purchase shares in a company or its business and assets.

New Zealand does not currently have a general capital gains tax. It does have a residential land tax law where you are liable to pay tax on the price increase of any residential investment property sold within five years of its purchase. Also, income tax may apply to any profit realised on the sale of land, depending on the circumstances. We can help you with the tax aspects of your proposed investment.

We can also assist with business immigration matters. For those seeking to invest or operate their own business in New Zealand, the main category of application for residency is the 'Business' category. Within this category are sub-categories being Investor 1, Investor 2, Entrepreneur Work and Residence, and Employee of a Relocating Business. Regardless of the category you wish to apply under, we can ensure that you receive comprehensive legal advice as to all aspects, including asset protection, trusts, corporate governance, compliance and employment.

If you have any questions about investment in New Zealand or business immigration matters, please contact us for good legal advice that will give you peace of mind.