Under Section 7 of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, lawyers are permitted to sell real estate. Bell Associates have been engaged in selling real estate for clients for only a short time but with significant success. We offer a personal and complete service for clients at a considerably reduced cost as we do not charge on a commission basis. We have engaged a real estate professional to assist in the selling process.

How does it work?

Your usual Bell Associates legal adviser will introduce you to our real estate team. We will discuss your requirements, any legal or other issues affecting the property, and how to prepare the property for sale. With assistance from our real estate professional, you will choose the marketing plan suitable for your property, which may involve signage, newspaper advertising, internet and open homes and, if appropriate, auction sale or tender.

What you pay

  • Pre-agreed marketing plan costs

  • Real estate selling fee (payable only if the house is sold)

  • Usual legal conveyancing costs from the date a sale agreement is signed

Why come to us?

  • You know and trust your lawyer

  • We offer integrity, honesty and a fair fee

  • We address legal issues at the outset

  • We do not charge a commission based on the sale price

  • We charge a fixed fee – considerably less than usual real estate agency commissions

For more information about the selling process consult our office.